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New Thing I wrote today in first hour, it sort of just came to me… - 7eventh Vengeance [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
7eventh Vengeance

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[Feb. 1st, 2006|08:55 pm]
7eventh Vengeance


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New Thing I wrote today in first hour, it sort of just came to me all of a sudden and even though its dorky and i have a nerdy interest in shakespeare, i sort of like it. so read it and comment if you want dont if you dont. its not a man talking about losing his girlfriend or anything like lesbians, its talking about a girl losing a friend to a guy. Not sparked by any recent events or anything - just a poem.

A last, fallen to lust, she is a whore
    And I
        Am a meaningless victim, stomped on and gutted
And while she
      And he
        I think
          And sit
            And Plot
    And decide on their demise
Until, a last she should apologize
    So inbeing herself, I fear no words will come
 For when you compare her, she turns up dumb
And in all this blashphemy - I am merely numb
  So as he takes her breath his own
 I take my life my own, and twist it to an end
And if when this blade should fall colored with my revenge
   They'll laugh a bit and say "T'wasn't worth it anyway"
So dear sister, take this into your head
      And spin me a thought where logic weaves red
Make for me an elixir, dear sister, to damage these deranged thoughts
           And tell me how demented I've become
  For fallen in love is as fallen in a heroine daze
                         For days
      And in its absence i can only complain
And believe it doesn't exist in reality only in my wanting to be another's affection in vain
   Diseased in loneliness I've come to find
Love isn't an emotion, it's a drug we hold in our mind
     So listen to me now, dear sister, for their love is amiss
And as young lovers do, they infect it with another's kiss
   When all falls into the burning pits of hate
       Will they, separately but just the same, come back to recreate?
Leaving me no other choice but to retaliate
    For I, being me, and they, being lying bastards, have nothing further to say
  She, being she
       And he, being he
Have both loved, if that's the new disguise for sex and cheating
   And in having love they have lost
 Both knowing this would happen for surly they didn't hope to marry in their later years
     Have soaked themselves in lust, dear sister, and have made with hate and sex an army
                                                             of angry allies
         So in dying, we watch them carefully as they are embalmed with their lies
                     And bloodshot eyes
But a last, dear sister, for I know the truth love does not exist
            And those who fall in love, are fallen in lust
                           And eventually - fuck it up


[User Picture]From: nucking_futs77
2006-02-02 02:44 am (UTC)
i definnitely definitely definitely like it. even though i just almost dropped my keyboard
it was awesome. and i loved the word choice
and how you presented it
and the subject matter too
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