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Not sure where to begin - 7eventh Vengeance [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
7eventh Vengeance

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Not sure where to begin [Jan. 6th, 2006|05:16 pm]
7eventh Vengeance


[Feelin: |artistic]
[Listenin: |dead skin -crossfade]


The secretary looked down at me, “We have a sheet here that you need to sign.” Then she handed a clipboard to the other woman who in turn handed it to me with a pen. I clasped my hands around it and stared at it for a second.

“What is it?” My dad (before he'd died of cancer two years earlier) always told me never to sign something unless I knew what it said.

The woman laughed a little, “It’s just stating that the detective dropped you off here and you’re in our care until the detective says it is okay to fit you with a pair of well qualified foster parents. You don’t have any other family, right?”

I shook my head and signed my name on the line to the best of my ability. Then I handed it over to the secretary, who nodded to the other woman.

“Alright, I’m going to lead you to the lobby where the other kids are and then I’ll put some clothes in a dresser for you. They’ll be kind of big though,” The woman who collected me from outside warned, “Dinner is at 5 and the other meals are whenever you go down to the cafeteria to get them. By the way, I’m Miss Garcia.”

I nodded and followed her down the only hallway to the first door on the right. Inside was a collection of couches and tables and a bar area. There were three randomly placed kids, two boys and a girl, but they didn’t even turn around when I walked in alone.

Awkwardly I stood there for a minute or so, before I moved to a couch by the door and curled up into a little ball there. Then, my eyes closed and I tried to sleep.

“Hey?” A boy’s voice said quietly in my ear. I jerked then woke up, scared.

I caught sight of the speaker sitting on the edge of the small couch where my feet had stretched out to. he looked older than me and stronger than me with thick and longish messy black hair. His face was tough but he softened it to greet me.

“Hi…” I muttered, stumbling to my feet and backing up toward the door. I had no idea where I thought I was going to run to. All I knew was that I didn’t know or trust anyone here.

“Look, Apathy, you scared her,” the other girls voice called and she sauntered over with a dimpled smile. Introductions proceeded as soon as the last boy, one with a wide grin and the most beautiful big, dark brown eyes I’d ever seen, joined the girl and the boy she called Apathy.

The girl was named Tortruga but the others and Miss Garcia all called her Truga. She was honestly pleasant, and a lot nicer than some of the girls I’d beat up around my old neighborhood. That first day I spent playing Life with the other three and, for the most part, enjoying it.

The other two were Apathy and Tucson. Tucson was the trouble maker from what I could tell. And he did everything in his power to make me feel more comfortable. Apathy, short for Apathrican (which I found much better a name than mine), played big brother with everyone apparently. And when I fell asleep on the couch while watching some Batman movie Apathy and carried me to my bed in his strong arms.


[User Picture]From: nucking_futs77
2006-01-28 03:22 pm (UTC)
hey! this sucks! it needs detail
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