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The Wolf updates. [Jan. 19th, 2006|05:54 pm]
7eventh Vengeance
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Yeah, Striker called me Wolf so now i'm all into that whole bit...anyway, I wrote some stuff in english class and it's kind of interesting. And since you're my friends I'll put down the random shit I thought up too.

Do you believe in Canada?

You don't have to use an "I give a shit" approach.


Misconception= A thing that usually happens when drunk.


Significant Deconstruction

Are we our identity?

Woman- A man that brings woe
wo man
woe man

^The evolution of woman.

We reason so much we pollute ourselves.

I want to put a mutant horny toad in the center of society.


Who came up with Canada?

Ramification=Fancy word for FUCK.

Can we do a blood test to see if you're gay?

I was born under a quiet sign,
A regular loser, born to defy,
all things that were are left behind,
better left where they lie,
Opened my mind to one reality,
Which one day will become a part of me,
Adding on new vitality.

Sequence of Fear,
Beggining the end,
Somebody's pain,
Gets roused again,
The way is clear,
For Evil's den,
No souls to sell,
send them to hell.

The islands are death to tall who listen to the sweet song of the sirens,
Haunting melodies drowning out death on the air and hurt on the wind,
Men can't resist these fair winged beauties who sing all the best songs.

[User Picture]From: v_ermillion
2006-01-21 05:19 pm (UTC)
i told ya you should stay in the community :)
this is so random tho...lol@ almost all of it and the poem things at the end were good. is English really THAT boring?
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[User Picture]From: nucking_futs77
2006-01-24 03:33 am (UTC)

and cheese is like god
always hitting people w/ belts
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